Are iBuyers Just About Convenience?

True or False: iBuyers Are Only About Convenience

When sellers share the top reasons they went the iBuyer route, convenience often ranks high on their list. While it’s true that iBuyers such as Keller Offers Powered by Offerpad do offer convenience, it’s far from the only reason that a seller might choose an iBuyer.

Let’s explore convenience, along with three other reasons that more sellers are choosing iBuyers over listing traditionally. 


While it’s not the only factor, convenience is a huge part of the iBuyer equation.

There is no need to tidy up and vacate for showings or open houses. There’s no staging and minimal decluttering. You can avoid hiding valuables or renting a storage unit for the extra items you have accumulated over the years.


Certainty has a high value for many sellers.

Real estate is inherently uncertain. No two houses are exactly the same, and a willing seller needs to be matched with a willing buyer at the right time for the right price, along with many moving parts related to contingencies.

This uncertainty can impact the emotions of sellers. It’s not just a house: it’s a home that represents a special time in the seller’s life. Add the uncertainty of when and if a home will sell, and you have a recipe for anxiety.

Will the right buyer show up? Where will the seller move to next—and when? Will the market change, or will the buyer try to negotiate on every point and make the process stressful?

iBuyers provide certainty. Sellers choose their closing date, and the offers tend to be more secure than others on the market.


Confidentiality has value for many sellers. The idea of dozens of potential buyers marching through their home doesn’t sit well with all sellers, especially those who value privacy.

Some sellers would prefer to make a quick move, instead of spending months with a “for sale” sign in their yard. They especially don’t love questions from curious neighbors that often come hand-in-hand. 

An iBuyer lets you move quickly, with fewer peering eyes and unknown guests.


With a quick close from a cash transaction, sellers can turn around and put in a strong non-contingent offer on their next dream home. In a hot market, this can be the difference in getting a deal done and can be a major appeal for going the iBuyer route!


So while convenience is a large part of the iBuyer appeal, it’s only one of the major components. Certainty, confidentiality, and competitiveness all come to the iBuyer conversation. Ask a Certified Expert for advice on the process! 

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